If you are interested in jewelry please visit my Etsy page


The Items below are objects that I make that are very special and unusual and don’t fit in the jewelry category. They are the result of commissions, events or the daily experimentation with processes and ideas.

As you can see I haven’t set up purchasing directly from this website, no add to cart button yet, I need to make some sales first! So if you want to support The Luted Crucible you can send me a message on this website, or send an email to info(at)luted-crucible(dot)org and I can send you an invoice from Paypal. Anything you pay on this site goes directly into The Luted Crucible’s not-for-profit account and helps cover the daily costs running of The Luted Crucible.

magicmirrormine small

Magic Mirror, Bronze mirror, 17″ x 10″ approx weight 9 pounds

The bronze mirror above comes from the same mold as a mirror that was commissioned by Paramount Television for a series called Maniac that aired on Netflix in the Fall of 2018. Here is a still from episode 7 where the Magic Mirror appears.

maniac small

Magic Mirror, Maniac – episode 7, Paramount Television, 2018

The mirror I’m selling is the fourth because the first two ended up as puddles of molten bronze on the ground and the third went to Maniac. There are some defects in the mirror, small cracks and pits from dirt getting lodged in the mold when casting, but it’s still an extraordinary piece. If you are seriously interested send me an email for the price.


Real “fake” icon in the style of India

I made this icon in the style of the icons from the Bastar region in India. It was made for a demonstration and talk I gave at the Museum of International Folk Art in Santa Fe, New Mexico. It’s cast in two parts and the God on the swing moves when you give it a push. If you are seriously interested send me an email for the price.


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